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Stahlhalle als Produktionshalle

The design of a modern building must combine the need to fulfil particular economic requirements together with the need for certain architectural creativity. The fulfilment of these different needs requires up-to-date technology in the production of building components as well as the use of customer orientated computer programmes for planning, design and construction so that individual ideas can be translated into reality.

Stahlhalle als Produktionshalle
Stahlhallen als Logistikhalle

Since the beginning of 1980 hundreds of Atlas buildings have been supplied to specific requirements. Throughout Europe buildings have been supplied for industrial, commercial and retail purposes; from small buildings for car showrooms for renowned cars to large buildings for the distribution of small packages. All are supplied to the requirements of the builder. Every possibility can be catered for; Buildings for different kinds of sports, re-cycling plants or large and small storage buildings - to any length up to a clear span of 100 metres without difficulty; everything at minimum cost to operate and maintain. All are built by local Atlas authorised contractor so that planning, realisation and service all remain under one roof.

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