Your ideas need a flexible “framework”.

The portal frame has a fundamental role to play in a building’s construction. It is flexible in conception and provides the flexibility demanded by the user. Almost any requirement can be incorporated.

The frame is designed to meet your needs using computer programmes developed to optimise the frame dimensions and weights. Both columns and rafters are manufactured from high yield steel using automatic welding machines giving consistent quality.  All welded steel receives a coat of zinc-rich primer prior to despatch. Production is subject to regular external and internal quality audits in accordance with ISO/EN 29001. The structural frame is designed with pinned bases which provide for simple anchor bolt and base plate systems and, ultimately, inexpensive foundations. Erection of the frame is quick with the added benefit of incorporating cold formed Atlas Beam purlins, the unique shape of which provides a high level of economy while the galvanised material used in its manufacture makes it virtually maintenance free.


Atlas Halle
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