The cost-effective frame

for manufacturing and transport applications.

GAB Pinnenberg






The design of every building is based on specific requirements.  Buildings of any length with clear spans up to 100 metres allow for all types of production processes to be installed without constraints as well as for other specialised applications. All  structural accessories such as crane beams to cater for even the heaviest loads are also supplied. Atlas’s modern, bright colours make industrial estates and business parks more attractive.




Whether for transport and distribution or storage, a modern-day building demands special planning. As such, every possibility must be opened up to the client; from handling and conveyor systems operating at multiple levels or automatic storage systems, an Atlas building is right for the job allowing for the secure and economic storage of maximum volumes in minimum space over a long period.



At Atlas a building is both a roof over the goods and the frame work for installing handling equipment. At the planning stage, an experienced Atlas contractor is available to advise and develop a client’s requirements, and always with a cost-effective solution in mind.

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