For retail and recreation.

Individually designed for successful operation.

Atlas Halle

Buildings for retail purposes require an enterprising approach. Whether the building is a supermarket, car showroom or a furniture store, the customer must find it attractive.

Atlas buildings leave architects scope for freedom of expression. Open, inviting entrance areas and adaptable sales and storage areas, designed with specific needs in mind, are all possible within the Atlas concept. Steel, as well as other construction materials, is available as part of a turnkey package from an Atlas authorised contractor in your area.

Atlas Halle
Renault Wuchenauer
Zeichnung Basketballkorb

Over and over again architects, authorities, private clients and sports clubs choose Atlas buildings - inexpensive and quick to build, with low maintenance costs and with that added architectural touch, creating a sporting atmosphere, either purely as a tennis building or for any kind of sport, with or without seating, including additional facilities such as changing rooms or showers, etc. everything that modern sporting facilities demand. Turnkey projects from an authorised Atlas contractor give you the sports centres, tennis centres, squash courts, riding centres, indoor hockey, basketball to meet your needs.


Sporthalle Kurz
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