You, as a construction company, general contractor, engineering office or an architect want to submit a quotation for a steel building. You have only limited information and a limited time to pull together a fixed price.

How many steel fabricators must you contact to get a fixed price? How many steel fabricators can give you a price without the static calculations? How long must you wait to get a proposal from them? How many companies must you contact to get a proposal for a building complete with roof and walls? Do the proposals from the various companies match your requirements and each other? Are the limits of each trade clearly defined?

If you are acquainted with these questions and if there is only one of these questions which still remains unanswered, then AWis² is exactly what you need!

  • Length, Height, Width, Roof, Wall, Location
  • With or without a crane
  • With or without mezzanine floor
  • Quantity and type of opening

can be calculated with Awis² within 10-15 minutes and a fixed price produced for every steel building.

Become an Atlas partner and use the advantages of AWis² (Atlas Ward Integrated Software). Present your customer with an individual solution and a fixed price within a few minutes.

Use the other functions of the AWis² calculation programme such as

  • Preliminary Foundations with “AWfund”
  • Visualisation with “AWision”

Have a face-to-face and no-obligation discussion about the advantages and functions of the AWis² calculation programme.

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