Atlas-Sandwich Roof ASRT 40 up to 100.

ATLAS-Sandwich-Roof ASR 40 bis 100.
  • Single element with PU foam core
  • giving an homogenous bond between outer and inner skins
  • High insulation values
  • Tight bond to the purlin system by means of stainless steel self-drilling screws and site applied side lap sealant.


Atlas roof panels are manufactured according to the lengths required by the manufacturing drawings (width approx. 1000 mm).

Erection and fixing

The profiled panels are fixed by means of self-tapping and drilling stainless steel screws with integral EPDM washers. These screws are the main panel to structural fixing. The factory applied sealants together with the panel overlap capping, which is above the water run-off level, ensures a completely watertight panel splice.

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