Durable, low-maintenance,

weathertight and energy efficient roof systems.


The following identifies the superb technical capabilities of the extremely flexible, aesthetically impressive yet economical building systems developed by Atlas Ward for modern industrial, commercial and leisure buildings.

Roof construction

To form a watertight roof membrane and a load bearing structure ATLAS roof components are laid from ridge to eave over a substructure of purlins, with the individual roof systems then fixed as appropriate.  The watertightness at the ridge and eaves is further assured by the installation of precision made profiled foam fillers. Where membrane or green roofs are a requirement, then the watertightness is guaranteed by the membrane and individual weld.


Advantages at a glance

  • Durable roof skin from steel panels with high grade surface protection which requires minimum maintenance
  • A choice of single or double skin roof construction
  • Secret-fix option as required
  • Insulation systems to fulfil all normal requirements
  • High sound insulation and sound absorption with mineral fibre insulation systems
  • Guaranteed system solution for all roof details

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