Materials and surface finishes

Atlas roof panels are manufactured from high-grade steel coils with an aluzinc coating (aluminium-zinc alloy) and thereby combine the strength of steel with the durability of aluminium. For the most demanding requirements, an alternative roof panel manufactured from galvanised steel with a colour coating is available.  Liner panels as well as the inner sheet of the sandwich panels are of galvanised steel with a polyester finish. In accordance with the particular design criteria the nominal thickness of roof panels is between 0,60 and 0,90 mm. with the outer sheet of the sandwich panel being 0,50 mm

Precision Manufacture

Atlas roof panels span the purlin spacing  and are designed in accordance with individual country codes to take normal snow and roof traffic loads. Atlas roof systems are approved by DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology) in Berlin or by the highest building regulatory bodies of NRW (North Rhine Westphalia).

Manufacture of the panels is by cold-roll forming of the finish coated steel coils on fully automated rolling mills. The continuous rollforming process is computer controlled and checked, with the panels being cut to the exact length required on each individual project. The interior and exterior skins of the sandwich panels are roll-formed in a continuous process and are bonded together by means of a PU foam core to form  a high load-bearing roof panel with an excellent insulation value.

Quality control

Quality assurance conforms to the requirements of the approval authorities as well as Quality Standard EN29001/ISO 9001

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