When we are talking about co-operation, we also mean co-operation. And what does this mean? We mean: an ATLAS co-operation is the common effort to deliver a potential client (the building owner), a functional, attractive and individual industrial building. ATLAS part in this co-operation can be recapitulated as follows:

  • Production and delivery of a functional, well engineered building system, which corresponds to the technical rules of the relevant building systems, designed and realized respecting the cost-benefit-optimisation, easy to erect and long lasting.
  • On basis of the agreed rules mentioned in the contract of co-operation, ATLAS is offering their know-how by means of computer programmes and is therefore giving a clear and competitive price.
  • A regular product innovation and inspection is taken place by the own development department
  • Service is given by our qualified office team and our engineering people in the sales areas.
  • Engineering service for special constructions as well as for standards.
  • The mutual exchange of experience between the ATLAS employees and the ATLAS partners are worked out for the benefit of both parties.
  • A range of measures as sale supporting and professional training e.g.
    • Technical and calculation seminar
    • Erection seminar
    • Professional erection training on the job site
    • Several seminars on actual changes or themes

For a smooth implementation of the efforts of the co-operation between Atlas and his partners you find a short scheme below concerning the respective duties. This arrangement of the duties and responsibilities stood the test of time. Especially the owner of the ATLAS building will benefit.

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