Atlas Ward GmbH and his national and international building contracting companies.

The strategy of Atlas is not to sell direct to the market but through its partners. The Atlas Ward GmbH in Hünxe-Drevenack is working together with more then 100 high performed, independent building companies throughout Europe. In Germany there are more than 50 experienced partners with an exact knowledge of the regional demands and regulations of the building authorities. The Atlas partner will be the person to be contacted by the owner and architect during the planning phases, which qualifies a very economical performance for the whole building phase. (precondition)


In case an order is placed, the order details are all centralized in Hünxe. Every millimetre of the whole structure will be planned and structurally analysed, the production and erection drawings will be made and the building application prepared. A centralization of this work allows a concentration of know-how and is saving the Atlas partner time and work. Therefore Atlas buildings can be offered cost efficiently.

Moreover the Atlas building system provides a large scope of architectural freedom and functional planning. The main structure of an Atlas building is designed exactly in accordance with the design codes for each individually dimensioned building project. Economic use of material and rational manufacturing processes are the results of computer technology which optimises both design and fabrication..

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