Company History

The origin of our company can be traced back to 1949 when the brothers Frank and Wilf Ward founded Ward Brothers (Sherburn) Ltd. in Sherburn, North Yorkshire. During the following 40 years the modest company developed into one of the largest manufacturing plants serving the construction industry in the UK.

The factory was equipped with the most modern production technology for the fabrication of steel structures as well as for its own roof and wall systems. Innovative technologies included:

  • Atlas beam purlins
  • Moduclad roof and wall panels
  • Atlas steel structure from welded profiles

The company achieved a turnover of about 165 million Euro with in total 650 employees. One third of the turnover was made through exports in the middle east.  Export to Europe started at the beginning of 1984.

The ATLAS Building System was born from the use of building elements produced by the two main companies in the then Ward Group:

  • Ward Structures  (structures) and
  • Ward Building Components  (components)

With the appropriate building elements being designed to form a building system for ATLAS Buildings.

The existing trapezoidal panels were complemented by a new standing seam system ATLAS-RIB-Roof. The ATLAS Building system was especially conceived for distribution through authorised ATLAS contractor.

The proven concept:

  •  centralizing the production of the building components by ATLAS.
  •  leaving the turn key building to be completed by the regional partner company.

Parallel to the start of the Atlas building systems  came the development of a multi-storey steel construction and a new 400 meter long factory for the production of atlas beams.

The family owned company WARD went public in November 1986.

In addition to the development of the Sherburn production plant further investments  were made for the future development of a worldwide operating company group.

In 1998 the Structural Steel division was separated from the main company and the current AWI-Group with offices in UK, China, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany was formed with worldwide activities.

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